Trust me, if I can do it…you can do it.

8:00 am–Starving.

9:00 am–Eat breakfast.

9:10 am–What should I have for lunch?

Food makes my world go round–it’s my source of fuel, happiness, and above all…likes on Instagram. Eating has always been my thing, cooking has not. It seemed tedious, time consuming, and long hours at work made every bit of motivation go right out the window. However, I couldn’t justify spending literally every paycheck on food and I knew my waistline would thank me for it later. I started small: the typical buttered noodles with Parmesan sprinkled on top and I felt extra cute doing it. I then started to Google foods I loved and paired it with “easy” in every title. This turned into avocado toast with a soft boiled egg (which I tried and failed at about 10 times before I ever made a decent boomerang worth watching), and then some fancy quesadillas with hummus and grilled veggies. I also started planning ahead of time, something that I still struggle with. I definitely do the whole, shopping on a Sunday for the week (feeling productive AF) but then Tuesday rolls around and I’d rather do happy hour nachos and then by Friday all my food has gone to waste), so you’re not alone. It eventually got to the point where I loved the PREP of cooking, and this is something I will always recommend as it makes the whole cooking experience seamless and fun.

My Christmas present from my parents that year was a Crockpot, and I was like “I don’t eat soups” and “Can’t I just buy rotisserie chicken from Whole Foods instead of waiting 5 hours and then doing this shredding business?”. That was the biggest turning point in my love affair with cooking. You throw a bunch of shit in a pot for 8 hours and come home to dinner ready to go? Sold. I started tweaking some details in my all time favorite Crockpot Pulled Pork recipe I make, and that’s when I started to feel confident. That’s about when I went wild on Snapchat and Instagram, documenting step by step updates so my friends could follow along. I wanted people to see how easy it can be, and that if you prep the way I do, it can be a blast.

My goal is to motivate someone out there to find a love for cooking like I have. I want you to see how easy and simple cooking can be, and it will completely change your relationship with food. My advice: Find a recipe you WANT to make, and then just do it.

Important side note: Wine while cooking is always encouraged.


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