Date Night Dinners

Valentine’s Day is around the corner my loves, and regardless if you think it’s a BS Holiday, it’s still comin’. During these weird Covid times I’m sure most of us can’t or won’t go out to dinner (plus who actually goes out on Valentine’s Day anyways?), and so at home date nights are the new normal. I’ve prepared a list of all my favorite Date Night dishes, and so whether you’re cooking for a Valentine’s Day date, a new boo, your best friend, or your partner, these will impress.

I remember in the dark, single days, I’d see articles like, “Date Night Meals” or “Dinner for Two”, and roll my eyes. I’m like “where are all the dinners for ONE??” My goal of this breakdown was to choose dinners that could very easily be a dinner for one OR a Girlz Night In kinda thing. Don’t @ me.


This will always be my fiancĂ©’s favorite dish. It’s become a regular rotation for special occasion dinners, or just a solid Friday night dish. SO easy, flavorful, and I mean…come on. Just look at that pic. How are you not drooling rn? Gnocchi are like pillows of heaven, and these lil dudes combined with a homemade sauce and CHEESE…you won’t be disappointed. Plus the presentation is 10/10, so if you’re trying to impress you will succeed.

Make this Gnocchi!

“Healthier” Crunchwrap Supremes

Ok hear me out. It’s not fancy. It’s not romantic. But if you haven’t had Taco Bell at 2 am and had a love affair with your meal, you just aren’t doing it right. This is a dinner that can be both date-y or just a regular Monday night. I also envision this with a Girls Night and pairing it with lots and lots of margaritas. And trust me, if you whip these babies up for your lover for date night they won’t only be impressed, but they’ll be THRILLED.

Make these Crunchwraps!

Basic Short Ribs

Ok if you’re looking for a dish that’s easy but impressive af, this is for you. Short Ribs sound intimidating and fancy, right? This is a dinner that you can make for a double date night knowing that your guests will be impressed. PLUS this dish requires wine, and who doesn’t want a recipe that actually asks you to open up a bottle? You can make this at ease and even get a little drunk in the kitchen with the confidence that this dish will turn out perfect.

Make these Short Ribs!

Brown Butter Scallop Risotto

When people ask what’s a dish I’m most proud of, the Brown Butter Scallop Risotto is almost always my answer. This was the first meal I ever made my husband-to-be, the dish I made to impress my future in-laws, and one that time and time again I refer back to when I want the comfort, yet fanciness of a meal. This is a dinner that is slow and steady, and well worth the wait. Pair this with your favorite white wine (this is another dish you’re like, required to have wine with), and let this brown butter good-ness just take ova.

Make this Brown Butter Scallop Risotto!

Individual Beef Wellingtons

I truly saved the best of last with this one. By far the most simple but the most impressive dish, I guarantee this will become a fan favorite. The flakiness of the puff pastry, the simplicity of the shallot/mushroom mixture that holds so much flavor, and the perfect, juicy, BEAUTIFUL Filet Mignon….I can’t. It’s just too good. If you’re going to make anything on this list, let it be this. Oh and tag me, I wanna see!

Make these Beef Welly’s!


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